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CH-Alpha Joint Support Supplement is manufactured to support Chronic Joint issues associated with Cartilage breakdown. Research shows that large molecular size is noted to be a determinant regarding efficacy when it comes to glucosamine & chondroitin. The German multinational giant Gelita Health (GmbH) solved this size issue by taking Collagen, that forms the majority of Joint Cartilage, and breaking it down to Bioactive Collagen Peptides.

This means that the molecule weight of Collagen went from about 300 Kilo Daltons to about 3.3 Kilo Daltons for its Bioactive Collagen Peptides that are backed by a patented process. This small size enables them to absorb well, and Gotz’s research paper shows that in one month about 50 percent of people can tell a positive difference while in three months about 75 percent of people can tell a positive difference.

Cartilage doesn’t break down in a month, it generally takes decades to break down, so Cartilage thickening logically takes time. 75 percent of individuals reporting improvement in three months is a testament to its effectiveness. Tufts & Harvard affiliated medical facilities research study and the Fernandez study show how cartilage actually thickens showing increased volume with regular use of CH-Alpha. Other studies in clinical evidence.

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CH-Alpha is a revolutionary German Joint Cartilage Support Supplement that is sold in 5 continents. Recommended all over the USA for Athletes, Active Adults & Seniors. The active ingredient of CH-Alpha is backed by a Patent and has been shown in research to increase the thickness & volume of joint cartilage.


We highly recommend that before starting CH-Alpha, you should write on a piece of paper every joint that may need cartilage support that may grind, crunch, or pop etc. Go back to the list after 1, 2, & 3 months and see how you feel different in all those areas. Research shows about 75% of people see a positive difference within 3 months. Cartilage improvement takes time. If you see a positive difference, then its working. We suggest that you continue until reaching your desired goals then maintain your progress.
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Research Studies

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