Thank you for your interest in CHAlpha

We are no longer taking orders for CHAlpha Plus.

Thank you for your interest in CHAlpha Plus however we are no longer selling the product as of January 1, 2022. If you have questions about the product or where you may obtain it in the future, please contact Gelita Health. Their website is The direct link to their contact form is


CH-Alpha User Testimonials

Dave's Testimonial

Dave uses CH-Alpha and feels better. Feels he gets his joints lubricated on CH Alpha and when he stopped at for 2 weeks, he started feeling the difference with CH Alpha and went back on it. Recommends it very much. CH-Alpha is manufactured in Germany under strict quality control by the Multinational Gelita Health (GmbH) with a team of researchers bringing together the latest advances in joint collagen research. 
* Results Not Typical...see disclaimer

Timothy's Testimonial

Feeing much better on CH Alpha. Says he can walk better now maybe even a mile than just a couple blocks on CH Alpha. Highly recommends it. Was an athlete and US Military in past causing significant wear and tear on joints. CH Alpha‘s Bioactive Collagen Peptide active ingredient is backed by a patented process and it has been shown in research to improve the health and or thickness of cartilage. See research from TUFTs & HARVARD’s affiliated hospitals and Fernandez’s Study on professional athletes showing cartilage thickening. 
* Results Not Typical...see disclaimer

Betsy's Testimonial

Betsy was in an auto accident causing neck, back, hip, and leg pains. She says within two months, pain improved 40 percent and quality of life improved 50 to 70 percent. Stopped using Aleve. Recommends CH-Alpha for auto accident injury pain. See Fernandez’s study on Spanish Basketball League Athletes and Mountain Bike Athletes. In six months, there was increase in thickness of knee and shoulder joint cartilage.  * Results Not Typical...see disclaimer